Saturday, February 22, 2014

My Dad, Frank

     Today we watched many items that created family memories go into the hands of others, to "the highest bidder."  The family farm has been sold, and our parents are moving into town, after having lived in the country almost their entire lives.  They really did need to "down-size," and the reason for my Blog tonight, is in appreciation of all the hard work and dedication our father puts into his endeavors.

     Throughout my life, Dad was always at the fire station, the church, at work, or out working in the yard or around the farm.  In looking through a shoe box of old pictures a few weeks ago I found where part of his work ethic originated. Grandma (his mother) had labeled so many of the pictures.  In many, where he was working along side my grandfather, she had labeled it "helper."  At a VERY young age, Dad was painting picket fence, driving the tractor, feeding and caring for livestock of various kinds, etc.

At the Williamsburg Area Community Center,
spreading fresh gravel to
fill in potholes before the freezing rain "hit" last winter
   I often meet people from his church or in the Williamsburg community, who comment about how dedicated a volunteer he is, stepping in to do whatever is asked of him and so much more. When it came time to move my two kids to and from college, it was (and will be) my 70+year-old father who was called upon to carry the dorm fridge up three flights of stairs when there was no elevator, or the couch and full-size mattress across the lawn or down a hallway nearly the length of a football field.

Snow Blowing his little Sis's driveway, in between volunteer trips to the airport


   I don't spend alot of time talking with Dad, so I hope this displays my appreciation in written word. What he did to get everything moved and cleaned out prior to the auction today was HUGE. 

  I am very dedicated and "passionate" about the women's service organization in which I am very actively involved.  I often tell others I get my service-oriented heart from my Dad.  I only hope I can continue to follow in those footsteps.

Before all the hard work and dedication began

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