Monday, December 29, 2014

2014 in Review - the 1st Quarter

With life "highlights" on Facebook, most can share in my activities as they occur.  In order to try to chronicle each year I wanted to go ahead and blog it.  As we get older all the years tend to "run together."  This will help me differentiate them.

January found Mom and I enjoying sunny yet cool Cocoa Beach, Florida.  They weren't able to take a month away, due to moving, but I had already bought a plane ticket before their moving plans were finalized.  Mom is always glad to get away from the Indiana winter and offered to help with expenses if I took her along with me.  We did alot of eating out, watched a beach wedding, went on a casino cruise (with Ron and Idris) and watched the ships go out from Port Canaveral.

February was full of Psi Iota Xi chapter visits and a trip to the doctor to find out I've gained enough weight (again) to be put on high cholesterol medicine.  Dad had everything ready for an auction, at the Williamsburg Community center later in the month.  Family and friends gathered with the community as we watched many of their belongings, and 70 years worth of farm items being auctioned.  The weather cooperated (only that day!) to help make attendance great.

I did a "car shuffle" for the winter, as Ashley was doing her Pharmacy rotations and needed to drive back and forth to Dayton in January.  She drove my Honda CRV in January and took the Rav to Kentucky in February.  March found her at Ball in Muncie, so we took turns.  Whoever was driving the farthest had the Honda, as the Rav is "leased," and I need to control the mileage on it.  Andrew had her lightweight Pontiac in Bloomington most of the winter. I drove with her to Denver the end of March, as she'd committed to a rotation out there for April.  Luckily, we were able to find great accommodations "last minute" when her original plans were changed.  It pays to have friends (and family) in the right place at the right time.  She actually took Jim's Rav to Denver so I could have my Honda back and he drove the leased Rav for a month.  Are you keeping up?

The weather was absolutely HIDEOUS this year.  By the time it was over, I was actually rooting for Indiana to break the record and hit 52", which we did.  It was SO nice to be able to just pack a bag at home and drive "around the corner" after work to stay at the "Smith hostile" in town when the weather was less than cooperative.  Mom and Dad moved in March.  I think he still borrowed Idris' snow blower once to clean out his driveway.

March took Mom and Dad to their new home in Richmond.  We will call it the "Meadow," as they are on Meadowbrook Road.  It's a little "out of the way" to go by and help Dad eat his nightly pan of popcorn, but now that Ashley and Matt have a home just south of Williamsburg, it's not out of the way to go to their house on the way home from Mom and Dad's.  (Are you following me?)
I did one of my many two-day Psi Ote chapter visit trips, to Crown Point and Remington, after having visited New Castle's meeting on Monday night.  The snow was a REAL irritation on Wednesday, as we traveled to Remington from Flora.  I HATE interstates in bad weather.  I was only going to be on 65 a few miles, but got right off as soon as I could when the car was handling like a boat on water, rather than a car on the highway.  We attended the meeting, and drove back on many roads that were a sheet of ice.  That trip I stayed with Brenda, in Flora.  It's been wonderful to be able to stay with my Psi Ote "Sisters" as I travel to try to visit all our chapters.  I regret I am not good at following up with a huge "Thank you" each time.