Sunday, January 1, 2017

2016  -  A Year of Change and Blessings

Andrew graduated from IU Bloomington, Mother's Day weekend, with a Masters Degree and began working June 20th, for part of the Kroger company, in Cincinnati.
The name of the company he works for is called 84.51, named for its latitude/longitude location on the globe.
Ashley and Matt had a great year, traveling, traveling, working and traveling.

I traveled to New York in March and Florida in November.

My local Psi Iota Xi chapter, Alpha Chi, stepped up to the task and did an excellent job hosting the 2016 national convention in Indianapolis in June, where I presided as National President.  We were able to bring over $15,000 back to donate in our community.  I have enjoyed traveling around our five Psi Ote states these last seven years, and traveling to several of our national project locations.  I made it to my 100th chapter visit prior to the convention. Traveling to New York City in March, to see the finals of the Metropolitan Opera auditions was related to my Psi Ote passion.
A few of us then traveled to Toledo in July, to visit the U of T Stuttering Clinic, our "Long Term Project."

I was blessed to be able to keep my job, in managing the Richmond TCC (Verizon agent) store, as we combined our two locations in early June.  I was originally told I would need to interview for the position, after working for the company for twenty years.  It remains the main stress in my life, as I now have nine employees, the company has done another restructure and continues to tweak their philosophy as to what the customer needs.  I have a good team and really enjoy working with the public, for the most part, especially the hundreds of customers that have allowed me to build this business over the years.
I have to continue to challenge myself to grow even more into this position with its greater expectations. Because we are now one of the larger stores in the company, we are being held under a microscope.

The biggest change came when I made the decision to move out of the house and in to Richmond.  I told Jim on a Sunday evening, in early July, that I was ready to leave.  I had a friend that needed to sell her place so she could move to Florida and it worked out for me to buy it.  Everything went very amicably and quicker than I expected.  I asked a friend to recommend an attorney and the divorce was final by mid-December.  I am now less than 10 minutes from my folks' home, and 15 minutes or less from work.  I feel very blessed that the whole experience went smoothly and Jim and I can remain friends and still enjoy spending family time together with the kids.