Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Finding the Positive

     I have always wanted to write stories and I don't mind telling them in front of people.  I would much rather laugh than cry or watch stressful drama.  I have always been a worrier, so laughing brings relief.  One of my goals in blogging, hopefully, will be to keep things positive, rather than negative.

Let's start this way, with "Finding the Positive in the Negative"

     This winter has been absolutely ridiculous, as far as weather goes.  I believe the predictions were there, that the temperatures would go up and down multiple times, and there would be alot of snow.  Since I work in retail I have to go out every (work) day.  There are no "snow days" when you are in retail.  My first career was as a school teacher, so I should have experienced them, but I taught for 8 years at the Indiana Soldier's and Sailor's Children's Home, south of Knightstown, Indiana, where the students were residents, so there were no "snow days" for the teachers and other employees there either.

     As Hoosiers, in the Midwest, we usually see it all - snow, heavy/flooding rains, ice and fog.  My drive to work is just over 16 miles, each way.  As I head home from work, I am now seeing the temperature drop anywhere from 2 to 6 or more degrees.  If it is snowing, I can see a difference of 2 to 5 inches between work and home.  This winter we will probably break the record for the most snowfall, which is currently 51 inches.

     Now to find the positive in the negative - Let's go for the record!  Let's make the winter of 2013-2014 one to remember.  My daughter had to drive from Richmond to Dayton to work in January.  She was able to gain a great amount of winter driving experience.  She has only been in Kentucky three days (She's there the month of February) and has already experienced heavy rain, snow and ice.  She is getting great preparation to tackle highway 35 from home to Muncie in March, then Denver in April.

My brother, clearing his drive so Nana can go see her grandson
     When my Aunt, who now winters in Florida, moved to Richmond, I jumped at the chance to "house sit," especially on these lovely winter days.  Since the forecast called for 6-10" of snow yesterday, I had my bags and snacks packed and was ready to do just that last night.  I only had a 2-3 minute drive "home" from work last night and could enjoy trying out my 4-wheel drive vehicle's maneuvers more easily at 20-30 mph in town, rather than on a curvy highway that has deep ditches in multiple places.

My dad, clearing my aunt's drive, so the house looks occupied

     The other positive in the forefront of my mind this evening is that I had a snow shovel in my car when I did come home late this afternoon.  There was another 5" of fresh snow and the sidewalks, that had been cleared, were now drifted shut.  I stepped out of the car to find I would have to shovel my way across the 40' or so to the house before I could unload my bags.

2 scoops per step, only 40 feet to go!
Only 4 more "steps" to go


There.  My first blogpost.  I would not have done it tonight had I not had that caffeinated Diet Pepsi when I got home this evening.

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