Sunday, February 23, 2014

Happy 24th Birthday, Ashley Ann!

Proud parents after the "White Coat" ceremony 
     24 on the 24th.  That won't happen again.  If I had not ended up having to go in to work because one of the girls was sick, and we weren't having a TCC Teacher Giveaway this evening, I was SERIOUSLY considering hitting the road for the 4 1/2 hour drive to come down and surprise you today.  I had your cards and gifts in a bag, with some comfy clothes and was ready to go.  I regret that I didn't decide earlier to "take off" and do it.  I will anxiously await your hug next Friday evening or Saturday.

     We are all so PROUD of you!   This is going to be a big year, as you graduate in May, and plan your wedding to Matt in October.  Six years of school is almost over and it's time for you to "hit the road running" in your Pharmacy career.  We know you will do a great job!

     We have been blessed with two wonderful children, and you are the first to graduate college and begin your new life.  I have enjoyed thinking back over the last 24 years, trying to decide which pictures to include in this Blog (and not embarrass you).

Prepping for 2nd ACL surgery 2013
     Let's see.....what are some great 
and/or unique things about you? 

Does anyone know of anyone else who went through 15 different babysitters/daycare providers?

     How many have torn BOTH of their ACL's?  
St Thomas 2011

Mexico, Canada, England, France, Italy, Finland, Sweden, Norway, Russia, Latvia and of course, St Thomas.
Does that count as another country you have visited?
What a world traveler!

Senior Year

Senior Class President 
Senate President Pro Tempore 
tuba player 
Pharmacy Technician 
are some of the titles you have held.

Ready to turn the tassle

"Do I hug and kiss my Daddy in front of everyone?"  2008
You have been blessed with many great friends and I hope to always be considered among them.

Maid of Honor at Audreyalice's wedding

Christmas 2013
We know you have worked VERY hard.
Spring 2014

 Hurry safely home from Kentucky Friday evening, so we can go wedding dress shopping in March! 

Looking forward to a big hug, 


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